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Getting your files to us...

Administration Centre Printing Services is capable of handling many modes of file transportation. We try to keep the industry standards for the time, but if you have something other than the list below give us a call.

Accepted Media:

• 3.5" Zip Disk (100MB drives)
• USB Flash Drive
• Email:

File compression can be very useful in compacting file size, as well as ensuring file integrity during transfer. The two most common applications are: Stuff-it for the Macintosh, and Zip-It for the PC.

What to send us...

When you send all the completed files, and all related digital information, it will greatly increase the speed and accuracy of your printed project.

Have a look at the following checklist to see what you need:

  • Only the files you want printed for this project
  • All final graphics, linked or embedded
  • Any working files needing our manipulation (example: .psd, . ai etc)
  • ALL fonts (Printer and Screen) used in the document
  • Photos for scanning
  • Hardcopy

We use your HARDCOPY to check for text reflow problems and general layout accuracy. This makes hardcopy a vital part of quality assurance. If something looks odd with your proofs, please tell us as it will likely produce incorrect film and print too. Please provide up-to-date laser hardcopy when you send your work to Administration Centre Printing Services.

Accepted Programs

Administration Centre Printing Services uses today's industry standard desktop publishing software for PC and Macintosh platforms. It becomes very difficult for everyone to stay current with what is standard in the desktop market. Again, if you use something other than what is on this list, please call.

Programs we use for output are:

  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • QuarkXPress
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Publisher

Top Ten List

The top 10 List is an example of the most common problems that slow production time and increase your chance for incorrect film and print. Any one of these may postpone
your project until the problem is corrected.

  1. Fonts
    Not supplied, corrupt, missing printer or screen portion of the font. Always convert fonts to curves if you are using an unusual or unique font or having trouble printing the font or if unable to include the font with your files.

    -Files should be TIFFs and/or EPS. Internet images (jpg and gif) are poor quality images and are usually low res (72 dpi). These will reproduce poorly on plates and on press. For best results resolution should read 300 dpi for photos and at least 600 dpi for line art.

  3. Spot color vs. CMYK
    Separated hardcopy will show how your file will print each color. Ensure color names match, CVU and CV pantones are seperate colors even if the same pantone number is being used.

  4. No Bleeds
    Bleeds need to be applied any place you want the image to extend off the page.

  5. Wrong files sent with the Job
    Documents with similar names, older versions, or many documents with the same name in different folders can lead to confusion when printing documents and relinking files.

  6. Bad disks
    Corrupt disks, disks with a virus, or incompatible media may slow your work

  7. Up-to-date laser copy not supplied
    Hardcopy should be of the final document. We use this to check your file, and if incorrect hardcopy is supplied, incorrect film, plate and copy will be produced.

  8. Not using correct page size
    The document set-up should be the same as your desired final product size

  9. Using the wrong software to do the job
    Try to utilize each application appropriate to your job. Try not to embed images in your layout documents. Use flattened tiffs and eps only. This will keep your file size small and more manageable. RGB jpg's and gif's are not acceptable if color seperations are required. Please remember to supply all images and graphics used in your document.

  10. Embedded files used but not sent with the job
    The Administration Centre Printing Services needs each individual graphic as a separate file. Send layered versions in case modifications are need. Embedded files may also have fonts and images that haven't been converted to vector or properly color managed, and they too should be supplied


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